Getting your business back to work

Every business will have faced different challenges due to Covid-19, but one thing we all have in common is that it is perhaps now, as restrictions ease, that we face some of our most difficult decisions.


The importance of wellbeing in the ‘new normal’

In our last few articles we’ve looked at how to aid transition to home working and tips for managing remote working teams. This time, we’ll suggest more ways to help maintain wellbeing and positive mental health in your teams.


Managing the ‘new normal’ of a remote team

In our last article we covered the transition to home working. This time we’re going to focus on some tips to help you manage the team once remote working has been established.


Four C’s to help you lead

Aside from the direct health implications, it is perhaps the uncertainty around the duration and severity of the impact of Coronavirus that is one of the most serious issues we face - for individuals, our businesses and the broader economy.


Not enough hours in the day?

We’ve looked at how to focus your sales activity and how your e-commerce and digital marketing strategy are integral to your success in this area.


The power of your thinking.

Successful businesses initially develop through ideas and thinking. When was the last time you thought about your business and how to develop it?


Effective delegation: High octane stimulus for the growth of your company.

Delegation is a greatly underused resource, yet it’s arguably one of a business owner’s most useful tools. It’s also the one that’s most often poorly executed.


5 Things that will motivate your team and won’t cost you a penny!

Based on the latest research, and on what we have seen work first hand in our own businesses, here are the first 3 of BHP Consulting's 5 top tips on what works to increase motivation - and you won't need to break the bank to deliver them!