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What makes an Entrepreneur?

Many people see entrepreneurship as an attitude of dogged determination in pursuit of the big buck. It’s perceived as a fast track for talented individuals to succeed in business, but for most entrepreneurs that’s not really true.

We’ve come across a lot of successful business people whose status as an entrepreneur has simply evolved. They didn’t start out thinking “I’m going to be an entrepreneur” but became one as their business goals developed and were achieved. Being an entrepreneur is not simply a destination but more of a mindset.

So what mindset is that?

Following the vision

Successful entrepreneurs create a vision of what they want and are constantly searching out ways to make it real. They’re willing to innovate and take risks, to do things differently or introduce new ideas that will make things happen. They accept that setbacks and obstacles are inevitable on their journey, and not an excuse to give up.

Perception and purpose

The most important traits for an entrepreneur are perception and purpose. To create a successful venture, they’ll perceive where improvements can be made and make delivering them their purpose. They want to turn ideas into reality.

Reaching out

An entrepreneur’s mindset exceeds the limitations of being an employee. They have confidence in themselves and are prepared to take responsibility for the business. The best entrepreneurs also acknowledge that they can’t solve every problem single-handed, so they create a team of people who can help. They reach out to other individuals who’ll collaborate, or they work with consultants or external mentors for valuable advice and support.

Commitment and focus

Successful entrepreneurs have reserves of energy and determination that go above and beyond, often believing that failure costs too high a price. Their commitment to the vision enables them to focus single-mindedly on overcoming hurdles that not everyone can jump. They are resourceful and can make time to create solutions so that the vision can be achieved. They can still manage to look ahead even when immediate problems are threatening to engulf them.

This level of commitment and focus may not be healthy in the long run, but it demonstrates an unusual degree of determination, resilience and self-discipline that most people either can’t or won’t give.

Reaching the goal

An entrepreneurial mindset combines vision and innovation with the ability to overcome market disruptions and hit upon the ‘next big thing’. However important these traits may be, they’re not enough on their own to make an entrepreneur. The bottom line is to create a successful business with secure future growth and sustainability.

On top of all that, an entrepreneur must be a good leader and manager, who can engage people and stimulate enthusiasm. Our BHP Management Academy is based on everything we’d have liked to know during our own entrepreneurial journey.

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