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Want to Strengthen Employee Engagement? Here’s how…

Employee engagement is when people do a job because they love it rather than just because it pays their salary. It’s where everyone in your organisation is on the same page and your performance and productivity start to demonstrate significant improvements.

Today we’re going to share some tips on how you might achieve this. It’s not a quick fix but you can make some big improvements – with a little thought, some careful planning, and, above all, a willingness to embrace change.

  1. Share your vision

A vital first step to engaging your employees is sharing. Celebrate the values and core strengths of your business with your employees and your vision for its future. People’s own roles will gain meaning and purpose if they’re inspired by your goals and you’ll have much connectivity throughout the organisation. When they see how their role contributes and connects to the larger vision, they’ll feel that what they do matters and that they’re part of something more meaningful.

To help your teams feel involved and included, share with them a plan on a page that outlines your long term goals and keep them updated on key milestones and successes. Ensure also that their individual goals are aligned with overall organizational targets. This will improve their connection between their daily activities and their engagement with and contribution to your overall objectives – and successes.

  1. Organisational integrity

In other words, saying means doing. This is a key factor and a crucial one in employee engagement. You must deliver on your promises if you want to establish trust between yourself as the employer and the people you rely on to deliver results. If you can’t do so, it’s vital that you acknowledge your failure and explain it to your employees.

You can increase employee confidence in your integrity with activities such as employee surveys. Show them that you not only listen to but also act on their responses with follow-up progress reports (“you said it, we did it”).

You should also assess your company values to ensure they’re in line with your vision that they’re still relevant and respected. Unless the behaviours of everyone in the organisation reflect these values, you’ll have a disconnect that undermines confidence and trust.

It also works well to incorporate your organisation’s values into employees’ individual objectives, provided you give clear guidance on how these values are to be supported and reflected in their behaviours. You can also set the preferred tone and culture by challenging (in a non-confrontational manner) dysfunctional or negative behaviours.


In the next blog, we will share more ideas to help you build employee engagement.


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