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5 More Motivational Tips That Cost You Next To Nothing!

In our previous blog we suggested three tips for team motivation at no cost to you:

  • Praise and commendation from direct line managers;
  • Attention from senior leaders to increase motivation and job satisfaction;
  • Reallocation of projects and responsibilities to benefit both the employee and the company.


Today, we’re offering two more highly effective but still low-cost ways to increase your team’s motivation.

  1. Flexible working

The demands of the business and the requirements of individual roles may make it impossible to offer fully flexible working to employees. However, technological developments can now provide opportunities for people to work either off-site or at different hours. Employers should certainly review these possibilities and not continue existing practices simply because they’re tradition.

Offering flexibility is a key employee motivator and will be rewarded by increased levels of commitment and loyalty. Research shows that both full-time and part-time home workers are happier and more engaged. They’re also more likely to put in more than their minimum hours.

  1. Show your social conscience

More and more employees, particularly millennials, want their work to have meaning. They don’t want a job just to pay their bills but to be part of something worthwhile. There has been a greater increase over the last three years in employee satisfaction in the public and charity sectors than in the private domain. So, how can you harness this longing and, at the same time, derive a benefit for your business?

One way is to take your corporate social responsibilities seriously. Rather than giving them lip-service, it can really help to motivate your company by giving your own and your employees’ efforts focus. For example, you might have a particular cause or theme to which everyone can align and contribute. This will maximise your efforts, produce better results and impart a greater sense of sharing a worthwhile and meaningful achievement.

You might adopt a ‘charity of the year’ or encourage your employees to volunteer their skills and/or spare time. It can also work well to offer employees additional paid time off to volunteer. Whatever the means, you’ll get a much more positive response if you allow your employees a say in which cause or charity it will be than if they’re just given a command by head office.

As a business, you don’t have to contribute financially if you don’t want to but it may be sufficient motivation just to harness people’s efforts and/or provide facilities. Any financial contribution the company does provide, though, will be outweighed by increased employee motivation. Team and cross-team working will be enhanced and spill over into their regular workplace interactions. Not to mention that company donations are tax-deductible!

These are just a handful of the many ways you can increase team motivation and represent those that can be achieved at little or no cost.


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