Dealing with the ‘S word’: A practical guide to reducing workplace stress – part 2

The second part of our guide to reducing workplace stress focuses on how Managers and Leaders can reduce, not add to, the stress levels experienced in our businesses. So if you’re noticing signs of pressure or anxiety in your teams, here are a few…


Getting the balance right between urgency and importance

Our last blog post provided some useful tips to help you run a business at a time when there are many additional challenges associated with people resources and supply chain issues. We thought it would be beneficial to continue this theme this week…


The Value of Delegation

To succeed in business, you must know how to make the best use of your own time and how to delegate what can be done by others. While your team gets on with the day-to-day stuff, you can then focus on the tasks that no-one else can do.


More Pointers to Better Management

Being a business manager can be tough. You occupy a delicate intermediary position between senior management and the workforce, where you have to provide an effective balance to the needs of both parties. Here are some more tips for effective…


How to have that difficult conversation

If you’ve run a business or managed people for any period, at some stage or other, you will have had to have a difficult conversation with an employee or team member. These can be very difficult experiences. …


‘Timeboxing’ – is it time to throw out your ‘to do list?

As a previously self-confessed fan of the ‘to-do list,’ this is a tough question to consider. But a few years ago Daniel Markovitz published an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled ‘To-do lists don’t work’, and it got my…


Tame your ‘to do list’

I admit it, I’m a list person. Not just in business, but at home too. When I’m under pressure I feel more in control as I tick things off the list. When things are less fraught my list gives me structure and focus. …


Is communicating the art of understanding or being understood?

Over the last year, businesses through necessity have had to increase their use of technology for business communications. …


Habit-forming behaviours: why are they important

When you started out on your career or first set up your own business, you probably did so with a vision. It’s likely you had an idea about what you wanted to achieve or where you’d like your chosen path to take you, even if you weren’t yet…


Getting the best out of yourself

We cover a wide variety of subjects during our emails, including Marketing, Business strategy, Developing and leading teams. However, as always, if you want to implement your strategy effectively, the impetus must come from you. …


Your path to growth

We are always talking about the business leader's role, and how they can most effectively utilise their management team to develop and optimise performance. Factors contributing to this theme that we’ve discussed in the past include how best to…


How Can You Become More Effective?

Our emails often cover important areas for the business such as sales or e-commerce strategies but ultimately the success of the business is down to successful implementation and in most cases, it is you who has to implement them.


Struggling with Succession? Our Top Tips and Self-Help Plan

Managing change in business is a challenge at any time. The last few months have taught us all the importance of being flexible and having the ability to adapt to changing situations. …


Adapting to Changing Circumstances

The world we live in today is full of change and new challenges, we only need to look at the impact of the pandemic to realise this. Now more than ever, just because something worked yesterday, doesn’t automatically mean it will work tomorrow.


Business Masterclasses

2020 has been a challenging year. At BHP Consulting, our team of experienced business leaders have been working hard with clients to help them through the initial crisis. 

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How effective are you?

One of the first areas I explore with a new client is their “effectiveness”. What do we mean by this?


Am I creating the right environment for my business to perform?

How often do you ask yourself that question?