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Successful businesses are powered by your team

Team-building is critical to a successful business, and fielding a solid team becomes even more crucial if you hope to grow.

A good team should be capable of dealing effectively with your business as it stands in its present form. A really good team will also be able to supply the experience and skills it needs to flourish as the business changes and expands. Your team needs to be made up of people who are resilient and can grow alongside the business as it heads into the future.

How do you know if your team is up to the challenge?
The first thing you have to do is to put some time into assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team. First, you’ll need to identify the challenges posed by the increased organisational complexity as your business develops.

Then have a good hard look at your team members and figure out who is capable of dealing effectively with those challenges and who isn’t.

When making an assessment of your team, you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Do they possess the skills and experience demanded to thrive in the organisation as it becomes larger and more complex?
  • Are they adaptable, resilient and committed to the company?
  • Is the team structured in such a way that people will be able to develop their individual roles as the overall business expands?
  • Do the people fit the roles they’ve been assigned?
  • Does the team have a passion to succeed and recognise the personal benefits offered by corporate growth?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then those people are the ones most likely not to be adaptable to your business expansion.

Then you have to act on that assessment – and sooner rather than later. It may be a hard task and you might have to make some harsh decisions, but optimising your team will undoubtedly save you a great deal of stress in the days to come.

Once you’ve identified and eliminated weak spots, then it’s time to consider what is going to happen in the day to day management of your organisation. Focus on their strengths, and think about how your team might need to change and grow with the business.

Building a successful team is not easy. It’s a challenge that requires a diverse skill-set, so we’ve come up with our very own Management Academy for your business needs. Developed and run by a body of successful business owners, our Academy is eager to help you with strategies to support you on your journey to expansion.

Our team at BHP Consulting all run successful businesses. They understand that all businesses are unique, and our approach involves sharing our collective experience to improve yours. For an initial telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting, please click here.


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