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Why putting your customer front and centre really works

What’s the secret to successfully growing a business?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that question. But we have put a few thought-provoking top tips to help you;

  1. Think about your role and what you do
    • Are you working on strategy or stuck in the day-to-day?
    • Do you have a good team around to help make your strategy a reality
  2. Focus on your customer
    • Think about where their pain may be, why and how do they need your help?
    • This means understanding what they really want and need, not what product or service you offer
  3. Develop your product or service to meet their needs
    • Build your product to address the “pain points” of your customer.
    • Market your product around the benefits it brings to your customer
  4. Change the mindset of your business to provide solutions not products
    • Train your sales team to ask questions and understand the customer needs
    • Encourage all members of your team to speak to customers and understand their needs

Having identified your customers’ needs, you can put them at the heart of what you offer.

This may mean reworking a product or a service, it may challenge existing practices but if the end result is a higher level of customer engagement and a higher demand for your product, it has to be worth it.

Equally, you may have to change the mindset of your team which could mean re-training and re-focusing. This can be a challenge, but again done effectively can be transformational for a business.

Putting customers at the heart of what you do creates a culture and environment that is a platform for growth.


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