BHP launches innovative support service for SMEs

Leading accountancy firm BHP is launching a free and innovative support service to help SMEs drive post lockdown growth, tackle challenges and pioneer new approaches to help them get to the next level.


Remote working – the ‘new normal’

With a large proportion of our collective workforces now working from home, knowing how to support and manage them effectively is becoming increasingly important for most businesses.


The importance of looking forward.

When you think about your role in your company, do you work in or on your business?


Do you have a clear vision? And does it translate into your business strategy and plans?

This is often the first question I ask a new client. It determines the company’s direction, it focuses the actions and forms the basis for alignment within the business.


Your business’ secret weapon – the ‘s’ word.

In recent emails we have focussed on achieving growth and how your people strategy can support that.


Looking to scale your business?

As you begin to think about how to develop your business, it is vital that you understand some of the key elements that continue the growth of your business.