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Adapting to Changing Circumstances

The world we live in today is full of change and new challenges, we only need to look at the impact of the pandemic to realise this. Now more than ever, just because something worked yesterday, doesn’t automatically mean it will work tomorrow.

Every day we are faced with new challenges, while at the same time bombarded with images and messages on social media and at a rate higher than we have ever experienced before – These external factors have a huge impact on how people think and behave.

So, what impact does this have on to your business and how do you adapt to it?

Let’s look at 3 significant implications and why what you’ve always done may not be working anymore:


  1. Your Team 
    Keeping your team engaged is vital for the success of any business. At the moment it is even more crucial that you are communicating with them regularly, that you are listening to them and that you are continually re-enforcing your key messages, it is worth reflecting on these questions:
    – Have you shared your vision with them?
    – Do they believe in your vision and your goals?
    – Do you update them with them your progress and your next steps?While you may be good at communicating, you do need to regularly change the way in which you engage with your team.Try a different approach, perhaps a series of 1 to 1’s giving people the chance to ask their questions and you to personalise your message. You can also use all kinds of video platforms to host a “town hall” event.The key to this is to ask the question, are we communicating and listening enough? This will shape your approach and improve your communication.Equally, now more than ever, it is important you ask for feedback, you ask how they are and give time to your team to support them.
  2. Your Customers
    Your customers live in this changing world too, this is how they receive and process information. They are bombarded with new images and new ideas and they evolve their thinking as a result. They may well face the same challenges as you and have had to adapt their behaviours and operating models accordingly.It is therefore no surprise that their habits and purchase behaviour may change.Interacting and engaging with your customers and getting their feedback is a vital part of any sales strategy.But once you have done this, you need to make sure you respond and adapt to changes.This may mean more social media content; it could mean a change in the way in which you communicate or the frequency of contact. It may involve a more active approach to customer referrals and in today’s environment, you may need to alter a product or service.
  3. Your approach
    Your willingness to adopt new ideas and approaches is a critical part of creating an environment that will enable the business to adapt and grow.So, challenge yourself, rather than just doing something you have always done try something new.Embrace the need for change in the business.Change your mindset, don’t focus on what is not working now, but focus on what you can do to change and adapt. Think about how you have adapted and how you operate and reflect this on to your customers and how they may have changed.


These three tips will help you to think about this challenge differently and reflect on how you can adapt.


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