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How to get your marketing mojo back

During the pandemic I’ve noticed that a few businesses have lost their marketing mojo or spark.

It’s a symptom of the pandemic business malaise that after grappling with the challenges of implementing multiple government support schemes there’s often not a lot of energy left to shape up a new marketing campaign or ideas.

Lifting up the bonnet of what is happening here it’s not surprising that some SMEs have lost sight of who they are, were or need to be in serving their today and future customers. Which is the key to shaping successful marketing.

Why purpose driven marketing is a smart strategy.

Shaping up a purpose led marketing strategy is often the answer. Getting back to why an organisation exists, what problems it is here to solve, and who it wants to be to its consumers is often the way to reignite the passion of your team and your customers.

And there’s strong business evidence to support why this is both a good cultural approach and a sound business one too; purpose-driven companies achieve higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors, all while achieving higher workforce and customer satisfaction according to research conducted by Deloitte in 2019.

3 questions to help shape your business purpose

Knowing where to start is often the hardest step. Getting to the core of why your business exists and what the difference it will make to the world is too big a question for most leaders to answer in one big bite.

I recommend starting by listing the answers to questions like; What are we really good at?

What are we really passionate about?
Where is the convergence point between the two?

Ideally you want to be able to articulate your purpose as one short sentence, think of it as your elevator pitch.

Once you’ve shaped this then be super clear how you demonstrate this, what it looks like out in the world and how you would like it to manifest. A quick test of whether it’s working is how authentic it sounds and feels to you….if it doesn’t go back to reshaping it until it does. If it sounds and feels uncomfortable to you then it will to your prospective customers and the wider world. Having a clearly articulated purpose will enable you to take your business up the marketing know, like and trust ladder much more quickly as your business will be more memorable and stand out compared to your competitors.

What that looks like in the real world

Inside Unilever the Dove brand is a classic example of purpose driven marketing. What they were good at; – personal beauty products for women

What they were passionate about ; – that the lack of representation in the media of a diverse group of women had a negative impact on confidence.

The purpose they shaped from the convergence of the two; ‘’to make a positive experience of beauty accessible to every woman’’

“At Unilever, brand purpose is central to our strategy,” Sophie Van Ettinger, Global VP of Dove says. “We know that it drives business.” Sales of Dove as a result of the new purpose driven campaign grow by 160%

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