Mark Roberts

Head of Consulting

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts brings valuable family business experience to the team, having worked as a non-family CEO growing the company from £70 million to £170 million. His experience provides clients with Customer and Operational project solutions especially growth via multi-site operations and diversification into new markets. He is experienced in building management teams, M and A private equity, being buy side and sell side. In addition, Mark continues to operate with a number of businesses in the strategic advisory capacity in Yorkshire and nationally.

Articles by Mark


What has top level sport taught us about leadership?

You might be surprised by the connections to be found between business and sport. These utilise business know-how in the sporting field and sports inspiration in business. …


How can I explore and deliver a new opportunity?

Running a successful business brings many different challenges. How often do you set out to achieve one objective and find yourself dealing with something completely different? …


What are your future ambitions for your business?

How do you see your business progressing? How can you translate this vision into solid plans and a clear business strategy? …


Why is the business not delivering the results I want?

When I first speak to a business owner, one of the first questions I ask them, is what are their aims and goals for the business? …


Developing team motivation

In 2012, BUPA conducted a survey of 5,000 workers in Britain, with some alarming results: more than 25% of those surveyed revealed that they were reluctant to pursue new business opportunities, because doing so would only lead to a greater workload.


What is effective leadership?

It’s not easy being an effective business leader in today’s fast paced and often pressurised and uncertain world. …


Getting your business back to work

Every business will have faced different challenges due to Covid-19, but one thing we all have in common is that it is perhaps now, as restrictions ease, that we face some of our most difficult decisions.