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How effective are you?

One of the first areas I explore with a new client is their “effectiveness”.

What do we mean by this?

As a business owner or senior leader, you don’t always have a boss, there’s no one to remind you of your priorities and no one who sets the parameters for the performance of the business.

It’s normally down to you.

Most people have a broad idea of what they want to achieve, but they don’t always correlate their daily activity back to the overall goal or objective.

In other words, they are not consciously being effective.

So how can you become more consciously effective?

You can start by being clear on what goals you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by.

Once you have this, you should build your daily schedule around achieving these goals.

A review of how you are spending your time now, will identify how much time you currently spend working on the “productive and important” objectives and how much time you spend on other activities.

If you can change your behaviour and spend time on the most important activities, you will become more effective.

Ultimately it is all down to you, you need to make this happen. Setting clear goals on a personal level (and for the business) is a powerful catalyst to start the journey.

To be more effective, sharing your thinking and building ideas with someone else is hugely beneficial.  Imagine exchanging and developing ideas with high achievers, these ideas can have a transformational effect on both you and your business.

We offer one to one business mentoring for clients, we work with them to create sustained value and success in their business. Rather than imagine what we can do for you, ask us.

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