What business challenges are you facing?

Your business’ secret weapon – the ‘s’ word

In recent emails we have focussed on achieving growth and how your people strategy can support that. But it is worth remembering that successful selling is the fundamental part of business success. Without selling you have no business. Yet for many in your business ‘sales’ may be something to avoid at all costs, seen as… Read more »

Making meetings matter

We all spend a significant proportion of our time in meetings, and probably often wonder if they actually deliver anything, or if they do, if it’s really worth the amount of time invested? Indeed, meetings regularly feature high up the list in terms of productivity killers in business surveys, so the question is – should… Read more »

Effective Delegation – Rocket fuel for your company’s growth

Delegation – it’s probably one of the most useful tools for a business owner – and potentially the least well executed. Delegating effectively is critical to making sure you have time to focus on those things that only you can do. However, a common theme from business leaders we work with is that often delegation… Read more »