Rachel Hannan

Rachel Hannan

Rachel has a strong track record in both the corporate world, including PwC Consulting and as an entrepreneur, growing a range of businesses including one from start up to just under
£24m in 7 years. For the last 6 years she has been a strategic advisor and NED for a range of high growth businesses and is one of Yorkshire’s most active Angel Investors, having invested in 12 businesses across a range of sectors. She has successfully delivered a range of client assignments across a number of industries, but has a particular specialism in terms of supporting businesses in getting their strategy, business structure and management teams right to support future growth. Rachel also delivers the Business Leadership Academy working with and mentoring business leaders with the various growth challenges.

Articles by Rachel


What makes an Entrepreneur?

Many people see entrepreneurship as an attitude of dogged determination in pursuit of the big buck. It's perceived as a fast track for talented individuals to succeed in business, but for most entrepreneurs that's not really true.


Top tips for getting the most out of millennials

Arguably millennial's have had a bad rap over the last few years, variously described as entitled, ‘Snowflakes’ and difficult to manage. Clearly this generation, generally described as those born in the 1980s and 1990s, are not all the same and…


More ideas to support your employees’ mental health

In our last email we highlighted the importance of supporting your employees’ mental health and how promoting an open culture and keeping an eye on the things that can most commonly cause stress can help. …


The business benefits of supporting your employees’ mental health

Understandably this year health is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Allied to this there’s been a big increase in the awareness of the importance of promoting mental wellbeing, and of the need to support those who find themselves suffering from…


The essence of good leadership

We have looked before at some of the skills that make a good leader.


The importance of wellbeing in the ‘new normal’

In our last few articles we’ve looked at how to aid transition to home working and tips for managing remote working teams. This time, we’ll suggest more ways to help maintain wellbeing and positive mental health in your teams.


Managing the ‘new normal’ of a remote team

In our last article we covered the transition to home working. This time we’re going to focus on some tips to help you manage the team once remote working has been established.


Remote working – the ‘new normal’

With a large proportion of our collective workforces now working from home, knowing how to support and manage them effectively is becoming increasingly important for most businesses.


Four C’s to help you lead

Aside from the direct health implications, it is perhaps the uncertainty around the duration and severity of the impact of Coronavirus that is one of the most serious issues we face - for individuals, our businesses and the broader economy.