Helen Oldham

Helen Oldham

Helen forged a career based on creating highly collaborative, high performing Senior teams. In 2008 as Managing Director of East Lancashire Newspapers (Burnley Express) her team achieved the fastest growth in Johnston Press and were the first newspaper group to successfully monetise online content. As Managing Director of the Yorkshire Post her business out performed all others in the Johnston Press portfolio for three successive years. In 2014 she curated a 200 person ideas hack for the Tour de France visit to Yorkshire. As a result her team deployed ten big ideas which generated in excess of £800k additional revenue from this one event. In 2016 she was appointed Managing Director of The Scotsman, in addition to The Yorkshire Post, and took the business from a loss making position to generating £2.6million in twelve months.

Helen now runs a highly successful early stage investment connector for tech startups, is a NED, and is Chair of the Trustees for Smart Works Leeds which provides coaching and clothing to unemployed women.

Articles by Helen


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