Achieving growth

When you first started your business, you may have had clarity in your objectives, or you may have just started a journey and you wanted to see where it went.

To progress on the journey to become a more established business, sales growth is the critical ingredient. The big question is; how to achieve growth?

There are a number of critical steps that will support your drive for growth:

  • Firstly, your role, which is to provide energy and positivity, creating an environment for growth in the business
  • Be deliberate in your behaviour and set clear development goals
  • Understand the needs of your customers
  • Make sure your offer meets the identified needs of your customers
  • Identify the right type of target customers (based on their needs being similar to existing customers)
  • Understand the buying behaviour of your customers and therefore understand the sales pipeline and prospect timescale
  • Regularly review your activities and re-set your priorities

If you follow these steps, you are beginning to understand and develop a sales process that can be repeated within your business and if you are diligent in following these steps you should be successful in growing your business.