Why we do what we do

BHP Consulting is a specialist team of experienced corporate advisors that assist companies in overcoming growth challenges. Our service is characterised by delivering value to all shareholders through all stages of their corporate growth cycle. We have designed a corporate planning process​ which acts as a framework and platform for delivering growth.

We offer strategic advice and experience across a wide spectrum of areas, including:

  • Evaluating your current strategy, market opportunities, market opportunities and human capital​
  • Developing a growth plan aligned with your company vision
  • Implementing the growth plan and ensuring the continuous growth of shareholder value and the leadership team

Crossing the ‘growth chasm’

Many companies face barriers which prevent them growing to their full potential. These barriers can cause a gap in growth, which we at BHP Consulting call a “growth chasm”. To overcome these barriers and to make the “leap” to the next level, companies must consider major challenges to their current growth strategies.

The Consulting department at BHP guides clients across the “chasm” which acts as a barrier for companies with strategies to grow their business, pass control from one generation to the next, or enter new markets.

Companies who wish to make a step change in their life cycle face challenges in major areas which must be addressed.