It is often said in business that people are your greatest asset, but this is only half of the story. They are your greatest asset – when they are motivated, high performing and focused on what you and the business need them to deliver. They can also be your greatest liability. Limited skills, poor attitude, underperformance and a lack of effective leadership and management can lead to major problems and undermine your business’s ability to grow.

So, how do you genuinely turn this potential liability into your greatest asset? First, you need to acknowledge that like any other asset, your people’s value to the business can be increased, or decreased, so you need to invest thought, time and potentially resources into their development. The return on your investment, if you get it right, will be invaluable to your business’s future success.

One of the biggest impacts on people’s performance is if they are not clear on exactly what is most important for them to deliver – and crucially ‘why’ this is important to the business. Equally, they might not be aware that what they are doing is right and highly valued if recognition is not given, or if individual underperformance is not tackled it can have a detrimental impact on their team and overall business performance.

Your managers and senior management team are crucial in ensuring you get the best possible results from your people, so equipping them with the skills they need and giving them the confidence to ‘manage’ effectively, tackle underperformance and drive improvement is key.

BHP Consulting can help you assess and improve the effectiveness of your ‘greatest asset’ – people, starting with your Senior Management Team.

Our management team support package includes;

  • Assessing the skills, experience and behaviours in your management team and how effective these are in supporting the business’s successful operation and growth.
  • Identifying any gaps and putting in place an action plan to further develop the management team and plug the gaps.
  • Analysing and developing an action plan for how senior managers can lead and improve performance in their individual departments, as well as contributing to the overall growth and management of the business.
  • Working with the senior managers on ways they can increase performance in their own teams though;
  • Ensuring their own managers are equipped and able to proactively ‘manage’ their teams.
  • Employee motivation and engagement to ensure teams are prepared to go the extra mile.
  • Achieving effective communication.
  • Dealing with difficult management situations.
  • Individual mentoring with senior managers to further enhance strengths and address key development areas to improve overall performance.

All of our Consultants have successfully led and grown their own businesses. Their practical knowledge and understanding enables them to give ‘real world’ support to our clients.