Crossing the ‘growth chasm’

Many companies face barriers which prevent them growing to their full potential. These barriers can cause a gap in growth, which we at BHP Consulting call a “growth chasm”. To overcome these barriers and to make the “leap” to the next level, companies must consider major challenges to their current growth strategies.

The Consulting department at BHP guides clients across the “chasm” which acts as a barrier for companies with strategies to grow their business, pass control from one generation to the next, or enter new markets.

Companies who wish to make a step change in their life cycle face challenges in major areas which must be addressed.


We work over a sustained period on a retainer and project basis taking large corporate clients from their current value to a realistic end point and strategic goal.

At board level we operate a pre-designed and bespoke planning process we call “Chasm Planning” covering four areas; Consultation, Review, Solution and Implementation.

We work with the client as a retained advisor, very often as non-executive chairman. We provide project support from our Consulting team for solution delivery. The planning process consultation and review can take six months with the solution delivery and implementation taking 12 months to several years according to your requirements.


We assist clients crossing the barriers which exist to their growth aspirations which we call the “Growth Chasm”. We bracket the barriers into four areas; Strategy, Customer, Operations and Human Capital.
When working with you, we go through the consultation process covering your aspirations and market opportunities. This is done with facilitated off-site board meetings taking between 1-3 days over a period of time tailored to your needs.

We then provide the business with a strategic review across the four areas, assessing the capability of the business for the growth journey. This can take many weeks and the report and findings are discussed at the board meetings.

We then provide solutions to the barriers preventing growth, discovered in the strategic review working with our Corporate Finance, Taxation, Legal and Banking colleagues. Your tailored solutions are planned out in the implementation programme which we assist in rolling out at strategic and operational board meetings where we attend, facilitate and chair.

To further advise on the challenges to growth we provide tailored support to the CEO and board of Directors in areas such as; Communication, Leadership, Time Management, Governance, Stress Management and Elite Performance. Such support comes from individual mentoring, board meetings and tailored academies where Directors work with Directors from other clients and gain benefit from building peer based relationships.