Strategic advice from BHP is all about working with you over a sustained period of your business journey to gain maximum shareholder value and minimise your taxation liabilities. Our unique corporate planning process is used as a tool to seek direction for this growth based on shareholder aspirations and we advise on the journey to be planned and implemented. This could include but is not limited to;

Commercial Direction

At your request we can attend company Board meetings to facilitate, add ideas, objectivity and perspective.

Financial Optimisation

We offer objective views to finance directors often liaising with funders or assisting with specific projects so they can concentrate on running the finance function

Strategic planning and implementation

We aim to assist in refreshing/setting the plan for the business, often by spending time off-site designing this and developing a plan to include roles of key people and ways of implementation.

Succession planning

We have vast experience in this area including dealing with family run businesses where black and white solutions are not always available. Our extensive knowledge of taxation and structural options assist in overcoming these obstacles and we have the ability to review existing plans of the business from the viewpoint of shareholders personal, business, financial, legal and taxation perspectives.

We deliver designed projects to enable you to achieve your strategic goals and this incorporates work from other areas of our specialisms.