“How is the business performing, not what you see in management meetings, but how is it really doing?”

All businesses have strengths and weaknesses. You will know intuitively what your business’s are. You will have developed this knowledge from talking to people, looking at reports, listening to customers and in many cases looking at your competitors.

What you probably don’t know is how does your business’s performance compare to others, not in your sector, not doing exactly what you do, but undertaking discreet activities that are directly comparable to yours.

The BHP Performance Health Check will review your business processes, end to end if you wish, and identify where your strengths and weaknesses actually are. We can compare your activities, their resources, efficiency and effectiveness against best in class performance levels which the BHP consulting team have experienced elsewhere.

You get to point us in the direction of the areas that you think need attention.

You get a report detailing our observations, where you perform well, where you could do better and, most importantly, how you could make it better and what that would be worth.

The problem with most consultancy reports is that they are reasonably interesting reading but end up in a drawer, their recommendations not being put into practice. Our reports focus on an action plan, and rather than the action plan gathering dust we work with you to implement the recommendations. We work on the shop floor, shoulder to shoulder with your team, making a discernible difference to your efficiency, your effectiveness and your customers’ experience.

We are flexible in our approach. We can work to a fixed fee which we will agree in advance, or we can work on a day by day basis giving you the control to flex our support up and down as you see fit. We are also happy to put some our fees at risk, so that you know we’ve got some skin in the game.

All of our Consultants have successfully led and grown their own businesses. Their practical knowledge and understanding enables them to give ‘real world’ support to our clients.