Many consider people are their major asset to their business.

Our team is made up of consultants from varying industries and backgrounds and we have experienced working for, and alongside many different people. We can utilise these skills to drive shareholder value and elite performance from their people asset.

Our main projects in recruiting, retaining and rewarding your people, whilst ensuring they are right for the job include:

Management audit

Our role is to assess the development needs of your leadership team, identify their strengths and weaknesses and outline key people business risks which safe guards and drives shareholder value. Such reports are vital to the funders, owners and MD’s to gain independent opinion on the assets driving the shareholder value forwards. In addition to the audit, our role extends to putting together a plan to address those needs in the most effective way. Such strategies include, one to one mentoring, strategic away days and team building.

Culture development

Key to performance management/culture is effective communication and good working relationships. Ensuring that staff understand the key part that they play in an organisation, what is expected of them and how they can achieve this is vital to sustaining the right culture. We can help put in place a performance management system that is aligned with broader business objectives.

Leadership training

We work with senior individuals and teams across many sectors and industries to help them become effective leaders by developing their skills to motivate the workforce and have the passion and behaviours to drive organisational and people development. Using a combination of one to one coaching and delivering workshops, we work with CEO’s or MD’s as well as wider board members as a collective group. The value we add is objectivity, independence and experience of high performing teams and strategies which drive their performance.

Our management academy is one example of the bespoke training we can offer; this can be tailored to an individual company or facilitated across numerous Directors from various companies.

Employee engagement

High performing companies generally all have highly engaged and committed workforces. This cultural test is having a workforce which consistently performs above the contracted duties and delivers high performance as individuals and as a group. Our team assess current engagement and then advises on the plans to increase engagement and deliver tangible results.