Sales plan

A well-constructed sales plan will provide the framework for the successful deployment of your sales resources. It should include overall and individual sales targets, the strategies and tactics by which those targets are to be achieved, and clear statements of the rewards for success to ensure your sales team is motivated. It’s not a once-for-all plan and should therefore be subjected to regular reviews, usually half-yearly, in order to monitor progress and ensure its continued appropriateness.

Sales pipeline

A sales pipeline allows you to build a step-by-step picture of your sales process from initial contact with a prospect through to making the sale. It’s great way of managing your salesforce and ensuring they direct their effort towards converting interest into orders.

A good database or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package is essential, depending on the scale of your organisation. Diligent use of such a system allows sales managers to track all their prospects and ensure movement along the pipeline to deal closure.

Online presence

A website is the shop window for most businesses, even if they are not involved in e-commerce. The quality, or lack of quality, of a website will be seen as representative of the quality of the organisation. Poor layout, typos and difficulty of navigation all give an impression of a lack of care. Equally important is the “call to action”; your website should encourage viewers to contact you, at which point the surfer becomes a lead.


The drop in Sterling following the Brexit referendum instantly made UK-produced goods 15-20% cheaper for overseas buyers. That fact combined with the support now being provided by government agencies and banks means that the conditions for exporting are more favourable than for many years.

Research your target markets carefully, preferably by visiting and establishing face-to-face relationships. Make sure you build a robust financial model so you have a good handle on your costs and the associated sensitivities; only then can you determine your pricing structure.

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