A key element to all businesses and efficiencies lies within the general operations.

Our consultants have hands on experience of dealing with such challenges and implementing new processes and procedures that mirror your growth plans.

We often focus on specific areas for improvement, designing projects for clients with tangible delivery of value with regards to infrastructure, financial information, margin improvement and change. Our consultants work with your internal teams where appropriate to provide guidance and assistance in delivery of the agreed plan.
Some specific areas include;

Process efficiency

Our team work with production and process areas of your business to assist in improvements in margin and efficiency, leading to profitability and value. This can vary from supply chain management, lean manufacturing or job costing effectively.

Change management

Many businesses that are growing require process and change. This area of Consulting is managing the theory and adding value to our clients by assisting in the delivery.

Management accounts and performance management

Our team design and regularly prepare management accounts covering financial and non-financial key performance indicators to be submitted to the company board or financiers. The service adds value by indicating trends, forecasting results and monitoring performance. During our consultation stage of the corporate planning process we identify key areas of performance to measure and discuss and agree the design of the management information we provide that is bespoke to your business.

IT Consultancy, planning and support

We can offer independent guidance on how best to use IT to meet business objectives, software to deliver your results and how to safeguard key risks in your organisation. Services can range from regular support contracts to keep the IT function working, to one-off projects implementing new equipment or software and discussing your IT environment.