Businesses that deliver sustained growth and scale successfully have 1 thing in common – a good management team.

While up to a certain size of business a committed, driven and able founder can achieve great things, longer term success needs a broader base. One of the best pieces of advice I got when growing my company was that you alone don’t build a business. You find the right people, build a strong team and they build the business with you.

People are appointed to management teams for a range of reasons. Often however it’s because they’ve delivered well in one part of the business. Or have a strong track record in their area, whether that’s in sales, operations, finance or elsewhere. We promote people and expect them to seamlessly transition onto the management team and the bigger responsibilities and additional skills this requires. But while we see their ability and potential, we can fail to acknowledge they may need support in plugging gaps in their experience and expertise which would allow them to really maximise their performance and that of the company.

That’s why we developed BHP Consulting’s Management Academy. It’s specifically for people on management teams in small and mid-size businesses with growth ambitions. The programme brings together all the elements needed to contribute to company priorities such as growth, planning, efficiency, leadership and maximising productivity. As well as enabling them to increase their capacity to more effectively manage their own areas of the business.

It also helps senior managers;

1. Develop a more commercial and entrepreneurial mindset to spot opportunities, solve problems and drive growth

2. Increase their ability to contribute to the development and implementation of company strategy.

3. Drive continuous improvement and get greater levels of performance from their teams.

4. Master the leadership tools to make better decisions and deliver improvement and innovation.

The Management Academy is different from other management training courses – it’s been designed and is delivered by people who have themselves run and successfully grown businesses. We combine first-hand knowledge of what is really needed from a management team, and what works to develop a Manager’s ability to support and deliver business growth.

In summary the programme brings together all the elements of best practice and company management and distils them into one practical and interactive programme. It allows people to learn from the knowledge and experience of those who’ve been there and done it successfully, and share experience with each other.

Investing in your management team will deliver significant returns for the business. If you want to know more about what the Management Academy can do for your business get in touch at or give me a call on 07778 840724.