Often when you start a business there’s only you. You and of course your big idea – the product or service your business will deliver and your passion and drive to make it a reality. If things go well, soon you will be joined by others. This small team needs focusing, looking after and injecting with the same passion and drive from you that you used to start the business. In the early days this can be done through sheer energy, enthusiasm, determination and personal example from the founder. But as you grow it becomes more and more difficult to be everywhere and know everything without stifling the business. At some point on your growth journey you will reach a tipping point, where further growth, and often your own wellbeing and work life / balance, is dependent on getting a structure, systems and crucially communication in place that allow you to delegate and still manage the business effectively.

Getting to 20, 50, 100 employees and beyond all have challenges, and of course opportunities, but at every stage having the right people around you is critical. A strong management team is a key ingredient in giving you the confidence that things will be done well, even if you are not directly overseeing them. Running a business can be all consuming, and as the MD or business owner there will be some things that only you can do. So freeing yourself up from the rest by having people you can confidently delegate to will give you back crucial time to focus on what’s really important for you to do to drive future growth and success.

To build a strong management team, you need a number of things in place;

* You have to get the right people in the right roles – obvious right? but many businesses end up with square pegs in round holes as they grow.

* You need to inspire in them the same passion and ambition you have for the business and ensure they share your business values – so they can in turn share these with others.

* You have to put in place the systems and processes that give you the confidence to ‘let go’ in some areas and give them ownership and accountability.

* You need to give them the tools to do the job – and that includes investing in them and developing their ability to support the growth of the business and support you.

BHP’s Management Academy has been designed for people on management teams, or those being groomed for promotion onto it, in businesses with growth ambitions. Focusing specifically on the needs of SME businesses it brings together all the elements needed to ensure managers not only increase their capacity to more efficiently manage their areas of the business, but also improve their ability to contribute to corporate priorities such as business and growth planning, leadership and maximising productivity.

The programme it is different from other management training courses as it’s been designed and is delivered by people who have run and successfully grown businesses themselves. They have first-hand knowledge of what you want from your management team and what works to really develop their ability to support and deliver business growth.

Effective leadership, good management, delegation, performance management and how to really motivate people and increase productivity, they’re all covered. Plus, strategy, business planning, driving growth, business development, governance and management information. We cut through the ‘corporate speak’ to tackle the real challenges and provide practical tips and approaches relevant for SMEs.

The programme also provides first hand expert legal insight from the Partners at Clarion, on a range of areas from how to deal with performance issues safely from an employment law perspective, to Intellectual Property and other ways to practically protect your business.

In summary the Management Academy brings together all the elements of best practice and company management and distils them into one practical and interactive programme. It allows people to share the knowledge and experience of those who’ve been there and done it successfully, and from each other.

For more information contact Rachel Hannan at BHP Consulting on 07778 840724, or at rachel.hannan@bhp.co.uk or visit the websites for further details. The next Management Academy starts in June, so ask yourself – can you afford not to invest in your management team?