We contacted BHP Consulting having made the decision to change the structure of our business to allow us to take advantage of significant growth opportunities. Whilst we had a reasonably clear idea of what we wanted the business to look like, there were some areas of uncertainty and we felt there would be significant benefit in being able to discuss our ideas with an experienced and impartial third party. The BHP advisor acted as a sounding board, providing advice and mentoring, which helped us to determine the optimum structure for our business and manage the process of achieving it. The process was handled appropriately and professionally and delivered the outcomes that we needed.”

Mark Johnson, Partner, Brentwood Design LLP

“As the CEO of a company that has grown significantly over the last few years, but which is operating in a pressurised and rapidly changing market, I found the support and challenge offered by BHP Consulting invaluable. They were able to quickly understand our business needs, get to the heart of the challenges we face and offer real insight into potential solutions despite the complexities of the different markets we work in. Rachel worked confidently and professionally with the whole Board, rapidly assimilating the specialist information from our industry and applying an instinctive and experienced commercial approach to the issues, presenting them in a compelling, factual and measured way and effectively challenging the status quo. Having a credible sounding board who is experienced and prepared to ask difficult questions and bring an independent, external perspective helped us to sense check our thoughts and strategies, generating even more confidence in moving forward and putting in place the next steps for further growth. It was clear Rachel’s core priority was using her knowledge and experience to make a real difference, not just delivering an assignment. The level of commitment illustrated gave me confidence she was on the journey with me and focused on delivering the best possible results for us long term.”

Andrew Richardson, CEO, BATA

“We turned to BHP consulting in 2015 to have challenge on our board, as well as an outside view to guide us through some fundamental changes within our production and processes. For the past two years Mark has been a principal adviser in the development and growth of The Ice Co, helping the company with a full brand re-launch and a large factory investment almost doubling our capacity. As well as a helpful mentor for myself, certainly through some tough decisions. He is a constructive challenger and inspiring leader I highly recommend having him on your team.”

Polly Metcalfe, Managing Director, The Ice Co.